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Derma Franchise Company in India - Swisschem Dermacare is the trusted Pharmaceuticals Company for skincare range, Swisschem Dermacare started off its flight back in 2008. We dedicate ourselves to bringing fine quality and safe drug solution for skin ailments like acne, fungal infection, eczema, psoriases, sunburn, hair loss, seborrhea etc. The products range to cover a variety of dermatology and cosmeceuticals products. Our company offers a comprehensive pharma manufacturing and PCD pharma franchise opportunities for Derma Range. We are dedicated to our task of bringing in better quality and safe medicines that are constantly renewed by improvement in formulating techniques. We are offering Pan India level Derma PCD Franchise business on monopoly basis. So We are top Derma Franchise company in India to deal in Derma range on PCD based business.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and requires great care. Swisschem Dermacare has brought dermatology drug medicines and skincare products that meet your needs for pure, effective and safe solutions. We are the best Derma PCD Company in the terms of Quality of Skincare products,packaging and pricing. Our aim is to bring you effective skincare solutions through better research work and positive resolution for quality formulations covering shampoos, soaps, tablets, capsules, lotions, facewash, ointment, lotion etc. They are DCGI approved and mark the highest quality standards that are strictly followed by our GMP and WHO units. We are well-known pharma company for Derma Products Franchise at pan India Level.

Our customized skin care product range designed and manufactured to deliver solution in most efficient way PAN India. Swisschem Dermcare’s commitment to deliver quality extends through every phase from raw material to the final stage of filling and packaging products. We strive to provide Derma range which are innovative, affordable and have better ways of functioning. This has earned us the tag of being top Derma PCD Franchise Company in India. At, Swisschem Dermacare we strongly believe in building fruitful business relations and thus provide complete support to our Derma Franchise partners.

What Makes Swisschem Dermcare 'Best Derma PCD Company in India?

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Swisschem Dermacare is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company & have wide range of Derma Products.

  • Quality Products & Excellence

    The quality of our Derma products is very high. All products are GMP certified.

  • Pharma Advisor

    Our MD of organization has a 15 years rich experience of pharmaceuticals and Cosmeceuticals market.

  • Reliable Service

    We work with a mission of care, commitment &cure, to fulfill & achieve our mission we truly ...

  • Quality Promotional Package

    We provide the varity of promontionals package to our Derma PCD Franchise Partners.

  • Packaging

    We provide products from excellent packing which are helpful to incease the sale of our Derma products

Best Quality Dermatology & Cosmeceuticals Formulations

Enhancing beauty has been a motivation at Swisschem Dermacare. Our products include a range of dermatology and cosmeceutical products. They hold a perfect combination of cosmetic and therapeutic value. Our lotions, creams, gels, serums etc. have bioactive ingredients that’ll help you attain the radiant skin, lustrous hair and strong nails. Our cosmetic range consists of anti-acne, anti-ageing, sun screen, moisturizers, whitening products, cleansers, hair growth products etc. They’re dermatologically tested and are safe to use on Indian skin. We have experience and skilled professionals who help us bring better skincare solutions to treat varied conditions like acne vulgaris, sun damage and fight the signs of ageing etc. Using the knowledge of pharmacopoeia, our cosmetic range is rich active ingredients – antioxidants, UV protection, exfoliants, Peptides etc. So, our product quality makes us best Derma Product franchise Company than others.
Swisschem Dermacare always understands your need for better skincare medicines solutions. Our DCGI approved products are manufactured in GMP and WHO certified pharma units. Fully engaged in production, trading, supplying and franchise marketing of robust of derma and cosmetology products in India, we are professional and dedicated to our work. Our associates experience the best in the market. We are offering wide range of product for Derma PCD Franchise business.

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Derma Franchise Business

Derma drug market is a rapid growing segment where you can get good business. Swisschem Dermacare welcomes people from across India who look for genuine monopoly Derma PCD Pharma Franchise business opportunities. You will be offered a wide space for business purpose along with multiple benefits to being our associate. We look for members in different states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat etc. You will be offered with promotional tools free of cost along with incentives and other bonus. Good margin in sales and growth scope is the biggest benefit of working with us. Our Franchise busines model lead us as a best Derma PCD Company in India.

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Our Derma Products

We have more 100 skincare products with the superior quality and good packazing. Our products recommentd by dermatolgists for all kind of the skin disease like acne, under eye circles, anti-aging, oily skin, and other skin problems. Our Derma range cover to product segment includes tablets, capsules, soft gel capsules, powder, syrups, lotions, soaps, cream, ointment gel, shampoo, serum etc. The Range and quality fo products make us best Derma PCD Franchsie Company in India.

Third Party Manufacturing for Derma Products

Sophisticated drug solutions are offered for pharma manufacturing at Swisschem Dermacare. Our company has its own set of Schedule M units. Strict international standards of quality control are followed to make skincare range medicines and drugs. Our dermatology drugs are formulated by experienced and skilled experts. We have used the best packaging solutions like Alu-Alu, blister packaging, Vial etc to pack capsules, tablets, lotion, gels, shampoos etc. You will enjoy DCGI approved drugs along with great manufacturing strategies that meet your budget economically. We also assist our strategic partners in providing better solution of dermatology range along with marketing tools with best of quality, efficacy and purity.

Third Party Manufacturing!

Why Choose Swisschem Dermacare for Derma Range and PCD Franchsie Business?

Bringing hundreds of vibrant skincare solutions, Swisschem Dermacare leads as Dermatology Company engages in Pharma franchise and manufacturing services. We have enrooted our services across India bringing economic services and fine quality skincare products and derma medicines. Our products covers a dynamic range of cleansers, anti-acne, anti-fungal, antibacterial, steroids, over the counter skincare medicines, combinations drugs etc. The drugs are prepared under well-regulated and highly modernized production units. We care for your skin healthcare and therefore, resolve to bring you solutions that will help you maintain bright and flawless skin.Our Product range and quality make us best Derma PCD Franchise Company In India. The key advantages to being our framcjose associate are as follows:

  • Monopoly Rights - Pan India level Franchise Rights
  • 100+ DGCI Approved Products
  • Attractive Promotional and Marketing Support
  • No Huge Sale Target
  • Fine Packaging Solution
  • Quick Delivery Systems - 100% dispatches of the goods within 24 hours
  • Huge Profit margin on Sale
  • International Standards Being Embraced
  • Reasonable Service of PCD Franchise/Manufacturing
  • Expert Assistance
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