Dermatology and Skincare Products Franchise Business

Swisschem Dermacare offers reliable and genuine deals of pharma marketing across India. We are a proud ISO certified Derma Company. Our company deals in hundreds of dermatology and cosmeceuticals range that meets your variety of needs. Our PCD pharma franchise opportunities are open to apply in all the states of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Sikkim, Bengaluru, etc. It is our promise to deliver the best to you the market through our franchise dealerships.

Quality has been the best part of working with our company. We provide the best combination of technique and technology to drive different forces with quality medicines as the resultant. Skilled manpower and workforce have helped the company grow. With hundreds of associates connected with us, we have been offering quite genuine franchise business deals across India. Our company manages to bring a wide variety of effective skincare solutions. We intend to meet the different skincare needs fo the general public to skin patients. Catering people with different drug solutions covering tablets, softgels, cream, lotions, gels, etc we have been constantly driving our strategies to bring the best for you.

Why Start Derma Medicines Franchise Business?

Skincare drug market is spanning in double digits of CAGR rates. It is currently valued to be more than Rs. 3,400 Cr. Indian derma market is growing twice the growth of European markets and the United States. Penetration level is 20 percent at the primary level. The demand for better quality skincare drug formulations has increased in the past few years. Those who look forward to collaborating for business opportunities then dermatology market are an ideal choice. By investing in franchise business opportunity, you open doors to multiple benefits.

    • The product scope is good as demand for skincare range is frequent across India. People do not hesitate on spending on quality derma medicines that offers them reliable and safe results.
    • As a franchise owner, dermatology medicines have vast expansion segments with an equally benefitting earning favorable income. You will get to enjoy a never-ending list as this market cover major dosage systems like shampoos, soaps, lotions, gels, creams, tablets, capsules, etc.
    • The consumer demand is good in all the states and if you choose to start in your place then this business offers you monopoly rights cutting major competition for rapid growth.
    • You will be benefitted through marketing tools that are served free by the company. These tools will not only help you market your business well but also promote on various platforms. Therefore, increasing your periodic sales.
    • Economic and flexible investment plans are promoted. Thus, it is a business that provides reasonable plans for a good startup.

Quality Methods Adopted for Making Quality Derma Range

One of the intriguing features of Swisschem Dermacare is the better quality drug formulation offered for skincare ailments and disorders. Our company has established its own set of GMP & WHO units that modern, hi-tech and advanced. The units are situated in tax benefit location where maximum efficiency in cost effective output is provided. Our company has been offering a wide variety of derma products serving different drug formulations and their corresponding drug dosage. To ensure that you get best quality drug products, our company has laid strict quality measurements. Take a quick look at the following:

    • Reliable CMC strategies are formed, embraced and put into action to ensure proper development of semi-dosage drugs in terms of chemical, effective results, and reduction of process impurities.
    • At par utilization of modern equipment to secure control over factors like the order of ingredients added, mixing time, cooling rates, heating temperature, reaction with other factors, mixing method, etc. Therefore, stable and contamination-free products are services to our associates of the pharma franchise.
    • Expert care is provided while developing drugs that help eliminate problems like potential degradation of product capabilities due to factors like UV light, oxygen, extreme humidity, etc. This ensures that our products are safe, durable and effective for increased customer satisfaction.
    • We did active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) testing & microbial testing of all the batches as lay by FDA. This helps us re-check our process validation and purity of material while making our skincare range.

Fine Quality Dermatology Drugs For Franchise

Dedicating ourselves to bringing better quality drug formulations, Swisschem Dermacare has persistently thrived on improving manufacturing strategies. Thus, bring you a broad spectrum of derma, cosmeceuticals and skincare range. These cover a hefty line of drug segment that meets your different needs in your dedicated locations. Our products cover dosages like lotions, gels, creams, tablets, capsules, soaps, facewash, powder etc. They are DCGI approved and are completely manufactured in company-owned GMP & WHO units. All the topical pharmaceutical product formulations have good organoleptic properties like scent, appearance, feel etc.

    • Anti Fungal
    • Topical Steroids
    • Scalp Application
    • Anti Seborrheic
    • Steroids & Steroids Combinations
    • Cleansers
    • Antibiotics
    • Cleansing Lotion etc.

Why Choose Swisschem Dermacare?

Fine dermatology medicines ranges are a supreme priority at Swisschem Dermacare. Here, you will enjoy an extensive list of medicines and products which are purely manufactured in GMP & WHO units. International standards have been followed under the good guidance of skilled experts. We have embraced better techniques of packaging solutions to make sure that you get safe, effective and durable drug formulations. We understand the needs of your skin and therefore, inspire us to bring you solutions that are best in quality and efficacy. By bring a franchise member of our company, you will get the following benefits:.

Perks of Being a Franchise Member of Our Company:
    • GMP & GMP Manufacturing Facilities
    • ISO 9001:2008 Accredited Company
    • Rich Experience With Expertise in Derma
    • Widely Recommended by Dermatologists
    • Instant Delivery Facilities
    • Extenstive Derma Products DCGI Approved
    • Cost Effective Manufacturing & Packaghing Techniques
    • Free Sampling Policy
    • Free Marketing Tool Support
    • Monopoly Based Franchise Opportunity

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