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Aloe Extract 10%W/W + Vitamin Acetate (Moisturising Cream Base)– AloGlow Cream, which provides excellent nutrition, was specifically created for sensitive and dry skin. It is composed of elements that cooperate to lessen skin dryness. It assists in the treatment of any harm caused by surface-level skin dryness. This skin-friendly body lotion nourishes, hydrates, and shields dry skin. It protects the skin from long-term exposure to allergens, irritants, hereditary factors, and environmental changes as well as aids in the treatment of dry skin, dermatitis, and hyperpigmentation.

Uses of Aloe Extract 10%W/W + Vitamin Acetate Cream

  • It is a cream for naturally whitening and lightening skin.
  • It functions by hydrolyzing hydroquinone slowly to release it, which then stops Tyrosinase activity and lessens the synthesis of melanin (pigmentation) in the skin.
  • Tyrosine, an amino acid required to generate melanin, is inhibited and prevented by it, and because it has strong antioxidant capabilities, it is very helpful in avoiding the development of wrinkles.
  • Aloe Extract 10%W/W + Vitamin Acetate aids in reducing the appearance of discoloration and enhancing persistent brown areas.
  • Scars are less noticeable and the skin may be moisturized as a result.

Safety Precautions

  • Before using, carefully read the label.
  • Keep away from children’s reach.
  • Protection from direct light is necessary.
  • Avoid making eye contact.
  • If eyes are in touch, flush with water right away.


  • Use Aloe Extract 10%W/W + Vitamin Acetate Thoroughly clean your face and neck.
  • Dry gently with a clean cloth.
  • Put the product in the troublesome regions.
  • Use consistently

Aloe Extract 10%W/W + Vitamin Acetate Manufacturer and Supplier

Leading pharmaceutical firm Swisschem Dermacare provides a vast selection of high-quality skincare products. Because they underwent rigorous testing prior to being released into the market, our products are renowned for delivering quick and effective results. Thanks to certifications from ISO-DCGI, our products are produced in accordance with the requirements set forth by the WHO and DCGI. Working in our facilities are pharmacists with extensive training and knowledge. They have worked hard to create our excellent collection at reasonable costs.

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