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Hydroquinone, Mometasone, and Tretinoin are three medicines mixed together to treat melasma, which are dark spots on the skin. Hydroquinone helps lighten the skin. It makes the skin lighter by reducing a pigment called melanin. This change can be undone. Mometasone is a medicine that stops the skin from getting red, swollen, and itchy by blocking certain chemicals in the body. Tretinoin is a type of vitamin A that makes the skin renew itself faster.

It is often prescribed to treat melasma, which are dark brown patches on the skin that women often get during pregnancy. Melasma can happen when you spend a lot of time in the sun, or when your hormones change during pregnancy, or if you take certain medications. More women than men get it. It causes discolored or grey-brown patches on the forehead, cheeks, chin, or nose. Melasma is often called chloasma or a pregnancy mask. Keep the Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

How To Use?

Make sure to read all the instructions that come with the Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream. Clean your hands before and after taking the medicine. Here are the instructions for using the Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream safely.

  • Use a small amount of cream, as told by your doctor.
  • Put a lot of cream on the part that hurts and rub it in with your fingers.
  • Rub the cream onto the skin until it soaks in.
  • If you have an allergic reaction, don’t use the cream with hydroquinone, tretinoin, and mometasone furoate.
  • If you use it often, you will see changes in 2 weeks.
  • Do not get the cream near your eyes, ears, nose, or vagina.


Here are the main health advantages of a cream that has Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, and Mometasone Furoate:

Lightening and getting rid of skin discoloration.

  • Hydroquinone is a skin-lightening product that stops your skin from making too much color, which makes dark spots and age spots go away.
  • Tretinoin and hydroquinone work together to make your skin brighter.

Treating skin discoloration:

  • The mix of hydroquinone, tretinoin, and mometasone furoate is really good at treating stubborn melasma, which is a common type of skin discoloration on the face.
  • Tretinoin makes cells renew faster, and mometasone furoate helps lessen swelling from melasma.

Making your skin feel and look better 

  • Tretinoin is a type of medicine that helps make collagen and normalizes how skin cells grow. This makes skin look better, smoother, firmer, and more even in color.

Decreasing pimples and scars from pimples:

  • Tretinoin is a medicine that helps to clean out pores and stop new acne from forming.
  • Mixing the combination can also make acne scars and dark marks from inflammation less noticeable.

Benefits that reduce swelling and irritation in the body:

  • Mometasone furoate is a strong medicine that helps to soothe skin problems by reducing redness and irritation.
  • This can help with red, itchy skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis.

Complete skin treatment:

  • The three active ingredients work together to help with different skin problems, which makes it a good solution for a lot of patients.

Side Effects

Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream may cause mild side effects that go away on their own. The side effects can be different for everyone because they depend on how the body reacts to the treatment. You should tell your doctor right away if your side effects don’t go away or get worse. The many different side effects that can happen when using Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream are:

  • Redness, irritation, burning, itching, or stinging sensation of the skin
  • Skin pain
  • Acne


  • Talk to a doctor before drinking alcohol while using the Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream.
  • The cream with Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, and Mometasone Furoate is not okay for kids under 12.
  • Don’t go out in the sun when using this cream because it can make your skin more sensitive and cause sunburn.
  • Quickly wash with water if the Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream gets in your eyes, nose, ears, vagina, or other sensitive areas.
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