Ivermectin 12 mg TabletIVERCHEM 12 Tablet is helpful in treating the infections which are caused by the parasites including the strongyloidiasis (roundworm infection) as well as onchocerciasis (worm infection) affecting the skin and the eyes. These infections are needed to be treated as if left untreated then the health of the person gets affected and the life can be at risk. A person having a weak immune system is at risk if these parasitic infections are not treated. 

The composition of Ivermectin Tablets helps in killing and preventing the parasites that affect the skin and the eyes of the person. The parasites which cause the roundworm infection and the worm infection are treated with the help of this medication. The person gets relief from the infections caused by the parasites. To avoid the creation of the larvae adult parasites are prevented and killed with the help of this medication. 

Before intaking the tablets the person is advised to undergo a consultation with the doctor. The doctor will prescribe the dose based on the health condition of the person. Although the medication is effective in killing the parasites still the intake of the tablets can cause some side effects. During the treatment, the person should also take care of the precautions.

Uses Of Ivermectin 12 mg Tablet

The intake of the tablets helps in killing the parasites that arise on the skin as well as in the surrounding areas of the eyes. The parasites which occur in the form of roundworm infection, as well as the worm infection, are killed with the intake of this tablet. The worms that grow in the body are killed to death with the help of this tablet. This medication also kills the parasites that are present in the intestine. 

Directions For Use

The person is advised to swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water at least 1 hour before the meals. Usually, the tablet is advised to be given at one time, still, the person is advised to consult the doctor. The doctor will examine the health of the person and will suggest the dose accordingly. 

Side Effects Of Ivermectin Tablets

The intake of the tablet can make some of the persons uncomfortable due to the occurrence of the side effects. The side effects may last varying on the condition of the person. The side effects may disappear on their own. Some of the common side effects which can occur after the intake of the tablet are as follows :

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • ‘Muscle pain
  • Diarrhea

Precautions To Be Taken

With the use of the tablet there are some precautions to be taken which are as follows :

  • As this is an antiparasitic medication, so if the person is allergic to the antiparasitic medicines then he is advised to tell the doctor before intaking the tablet
  • Before the use of the medication, the person is advised to tell the doctor if he had been diagnosed with meningitis, HIV, or any other issue
  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding women are advised to consult the doctor before the use of the medication. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is the consumption of alcohol safe while taking Ivermectin Tablets?

No, the consumption of alcohol is not safe as the alcohol when interacted with the medication can cause severe side effects which can affect the health of the person.

  • Can the use of the medication cause fever?

Yes, the use of the medication can cause fever. The occurrence of the fever depends on the body of the person. People may or may not experience a fever after the intake of the tablet.