Swissglow Soap- Glutathione, Swissglow Skin Whitening Soap helps to lighten your skin tone. It is used to treat hyperpigmentation, freckles, melisma, age spots, and other uneven skin tones or many other dark spots on the skin. It helps in micro-exfoliation and exfoliates the top layer of the skin to remove dead and dull skin cells, which cause pimples, and is suitable for all skin types. Get smooth and even-toned skin with this soap which effectively cleanses and restores skin’s natural glow.

Uses of Glutathione Soap

  • Cleans dirt and bacteria and keeps your skin healthy
  • Effectively minimizes hyperpigmentation, dark spots, freckles, age marks, acne, etc. and leaves your skin even-toned and youthful
  • Helps achieve a silky, smooth skin that is soft and supple
  • Exfoliates the skin and removes discoloration – reduces skin imperfections by penetrating deeper into skin layers
  • Contains antioxidant properties that restore the healthy skin cells
  • Beneficial for every skin type

Safety Precautions

  • Only for external use
  • In case you notice any skin irritation after using the soap, seek medical attention
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Read the ingredient list before use, and if you are allergic to any of the elements listed please avoid using or use as per your physician’s instructions


  • For better results, use twice daily or use under medical supervision
  • Apply on wet skin until the product lathers
  • Scrub gently with a loofah
  • Rinse thoroughly with plain water

Side Effects

The soap is safe for all kinds of skin. 100% natural ingredients. Contains anti-oxidants and other skin whitening agents. No Side Effects.

Glutathione Soap Manufacturer and Supplier

Swisschem Dermacare is the trusted Pharmaceuticals Company for the skincare range.  We have experience and skilled professionals who help us bring better skincare solutions to treat varied conditions like acne vulgaris, sun damage and fight the signs of aging, etc. Using the knowledge of pharmacopeia, our cosmetic range is rich in active ingredients – antioxidants, UV protection, exfoliates, Peptides, etc. So, our product quality makes us the best Derma Product Franchise Company than others.

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