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Terbinafine Hydrochloride 1%w/w + Benzyl Alcohol 1%w/w Cream: Terbinafine hydrochloride cream is a topical medication used for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin, including athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), jock itch (tinea cruris), and ringworm (tinea corporis). It contains the active ingredient terbinafine hydrochloride, which belongs to a class of antifungal medications called allylamines.

When applied to the affected area of the skin, terbinafine hydrochloride cream works by inhibiting the growth of fungi and killing them. It targets the fungal cells’ membrane, disrupting their normal functioning and leading to their death.

It is important to continue using terbinafine hydrochloride cream for the full duration prescribed, even if symptoms improve before completing the treatment course. This helps to ensure complete eradication of the fungal infection and prevent recurrence.

How to use Terbinafine hydrochloride cream

Here are the common steps to utilize this cream:

  • Wash and dry the influenced range altogether sometime recently applying the cream.
  • Apply a lean layer of the cream to the influenced zone and encompassing skin.
  • Rub the cream tenderly until it is retained on the skin.
  • Wash your hands after applying the cream, unless your hands are in the influenced range.
  • Utilize the cream as coordinated by your specialist or drug specialist, more often than not once or twice a day for a few weeks.
  • Proceed utilizing the cream indeed in case the side effects progress, because it is vital to completely treat the contamination.

Benefits of Terbinafine hydrochloride cream

It is a medication used to treat fungal skin infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Here are some benefits of using this cream:

Effective treatment: Terbinafine hydrochloride cream is an effective treatment for fungal skin infections and can provide relief from symptoms such as itching, burning, and scaling.

Convenient application: The cream is easy to apply and can be used at home without the need for medical supervision.

Short treatment duration: In many cases, Terbinafine hydrochloride cream can clear up a fungal skin infection within a few weeks of use.

Low risk of side effects: Terbinafine hydrochloride cream is generally safe and well-tolerated, with few side effects reported.

Prevents recurrence: In addition to treating the current infection, Terbinafine hydrochloride cream can help prevent future fungal infections by eliminating the fungus that causes them.

Side Effects of Terbinafine hydrochloride cream

Some common and rare side effects of Terbinafine hydrochloride cream include

  • Skin irritation 
  • Allergic reactions
  • Discoloration of nails
  • Changes in taste
  • Liver problems
  • Blood disorders
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

Precautions of Terbinafine hydrochloride cream

Here are some precautions which you need to keep in mind:

  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist when using Terbinafine hydrochloride cream.
  • Inform your doctor of any allergies
  • Inform your doctor of any medical conditions
  • Inform your doctor of any medications you are taking
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children
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