Derma Franchise Company in Punjab

Inviting people from across Punjab, Swisschem Dermacare welcomes all those who want a genuine pharma franchise for the derma range. We bring you a quality range of DCGI approved skincare medicines and products. Name as the best-trusted derma franchise company in Punjab, our company welcomes all those who seriously intend to start their own business. You will be offered genuine business opportunities covering places like Patiala, Jalandhar, Faridkot, Rupnagar, and Ferozepur, Hoshiarpur, Bhatinda, Fazilka, Gurdaspur, Kapurthala, Malerkotla, etc. You can be a pharma franchise owner in any of the dedicated places on a monopoly basis and enjoy a great deal of business.

Punjab is a sprawling state of India. It has a growing economy and living standards. The initial demand for skincare solutions has grown in the recent few decades with more and more people investing here. Offering derma range pharma franchise at most genuine plans is Swisschem Dermacare ‘Top Derma Franchise Company in Punjab. Our company ensures to provide with GMP & WHO certified manufactured medicines and products. High-quality standards are religiously followed with ample attention given to improved techniques and better technologies. You will enjoy a great deal of franchise business along with attractive schemes.

Derma Franchise Company in Punjab

Get all the required details related to the pharma franchise business opportunities by calling us at +91-9805523671 or you can email us at, The company representatives will inform you all the required details along with complete information of our products list and PCD franchise deals. It is our promise that this venture wills open doors for a successful tomorrow.

Best Quality Derma Range Products For Pharma Franchise in Punjab

When it comes to highly competitive dermatology products, Swisschem Dermacare is a trusted name. Our company has been successful in providing skincare solutions that meet the requirements of thousands of customers across India. They are made with compassion for delivering the best, effective and durable in the market. The development and manufacturing of these medicines are done under expert care. Therefore, no compromise is made when it comes to the quality and safety of drug medicines. You can take the pharma franchise in any of the dermatology products line or general range which our company offers like:

  • Tablets & Capsules
  • Powders
  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Ointments etc.

Dermatology Drug Market Segments Covered For Pharma Franchise 

Skincare products offered here are approved with DCGI. They have been made in company-owned GMP & WHO units. You can trust our company for fine skincare solutions. We bring a vibrant range of drug products that could be used to cure and prevent several skin ailments which is a concerning issue for the majority of people in the world. Our company has taken various steps to ensure that multiple drug platforms are being covered so that our derma franchise owners can easily expand their business to other realms in the wink of simple investment direct through the company.

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-fungal range
  • Pain Killers
  • Steriods
  • Steriods Combinations
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Multivitamins like Vitamin B, Biotin, Iron etc.

Scope in Future for Derma PCD Pharma Franchise in Punjab

Dermatology market segments have been receiving a lot of attention with more and more healthcare professionals to dermatologists. Hundreds of hospitals and clinics have come up with services that are attracting the public. Good advancement in science and technology of the healthcare industry in Punjab is the sole reason for on-going rapid growth. On a national scale, the Dermatology market is peeking double-digit growth. Skincare medicines are the best way to start up a venture that is purposeful towards profit, growth and a better future. If anyone who wants to invest in the PCD pharma franchise business in Punjab then the derma market makes the best choice.

\PCD Pharma Franchise in Punjab, Derma Franchise Company in Punjab

Swisschem Dermacare ‘Best Derma Company in Punjab 

Our company is situated in the heart of Chandigarh which is the capital of Punjab. With a close proximity and sharing boundaries with the state, you get to work with the company in close interaction. We always want our associates to get the best in the market. Therefore, it is our duty to bring you fine quality drug solutions. Pharma marketing is one of the well-known services of our company. We take pride in announcing a whole division dedicated to skincare solutions of dermatology and cosmeceuticals.

The Salient Features of Our Company:

  1. We are recommended by hundreds of dermatologists and skincare doctors across India.
  2. Our company boasts a vast number of associates i.e. 250+ expanding to Punjab currently.
  3. Company-owned GMP and WHO units for manufacturing purposes.
  4. Complete care to drug development and production by experts in this field.
  5. The modern unit flourished with hi-tech machines and devices to meet better manufacturing techniques.
  6. Extracts used in making each dermatology products are extracted from trusted sources.
  7. The products carry an assurance of purity, reliability, and quality which is 100% safe for skin and healthy.
  8. Business opportunities bring you one step closer to building your own business at most economic deals.
  9. Our company holds impressive goodwill which will raise the authenticity of your business work.

Monopoly Based Derma Franchise Business Opportunities Offered at Swisschem Dermacare

We look for people across Punjab who could be a member of our company. Exclusive rights of monopoly are offered to each selected associate. We provide marketing rights that will help you prosper and attain goals of better scope and growth in the near future. All the major locations of Punjab like SAS Nagar (Mohali, Ludhiana, Patiala, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Sangrur etc. You can trust our company for better dealerships of dermatology medicines. If you want, you can take up pharma franchise in any district of Punjab which is as follows:

  • Barnala
  • Bhatinda
  • Faridkot
  • Fatehgarh Sahib
  • Fazilka
  • Ferozepur
  • Gurdaspur
  • Hoshiarpur
  • Jalandhar
  • Kapurthala
  • Ludhiana
  • Mansa
  • Moga
  • Malerkotla
  • Muktsar
  • Pathankot
  • Patiala
  • Rupnagar
  • Sangrur
  • SAS Nagar (Mohali)
  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr)
  • Tarn Taran

Our company is open to all kinds of pharma distributors, wholesalers, retailers, chemists, doctors etc who want to have a share in the derma franchise business. Our opportunity brings you good profit and you can do your work as per your requirements. You can apply for Derma Franchise Company in any of the given places or make a direct inquiry for vacancy!

Why Invest in Derma Drug Market in Punjab as Pharma Franchise Distributor?

Go for pharma franchise business in derma range which has an increasing scope in Punjab! The demand for skincare medicines has good demand and when looks in terms of business profits, it is a good segment. Even those who look to expand in this drug market can directly secure a seat in your desired location. The investment plans are quite flexible to your needs and it is our assurance that best is being provided to you.

  1. Free marketing and promotional tools are offered to you.
  2. The rates are quite reasonable here.
  3. You will get your orders on time.
  4. Monopoly based pharma franchise
  5. Quality Packaging of the products
  6. ISO 9001:2008 Certified

So, if you want to start a venture in derma range look no further, Swisschem Dermacare is here providing the big opportunity to start a Derma Franchise Company in Punjab. Don’t wait associate with us and get most of the benefits from our Company.

Contact Information

Name: Swisschem Dermacare

Address: SCF-507, 1st Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra

Chandigarh – 160101

Landline No.: 0172-4647766

Phone Number: +91-9805523671