Top 10 Uterine Tonic Syrups in India

Top 10 Uterine Tonic Syrups in India – Uterine Tonic Syrups are an ideal remedy to treat uterine ailments during mensuration. It maintains women’s reproductive health with a regular cycle, prevents recurrence of problems, and gives relief from backache and cramps. It is also used to treat white and yellow discharge. There are many females who deal with the most common menstrual irregularities like Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, Premenstrual Syndrome, Menorrhagia, Hypomenorrhea, etc. According to the latest estimation, 14% to 25% of women of childbearing age come across menstrual problems frequently. In this post, we share you Top 10 uterine tonic syrups in India list 2022. 

List of Top 10 Uterine Tonic Syrups in India 2022

The use of antibiotic medications is effective but they might cause a microbial imbalance in the vagina by killing the beneficial microbes along with the harmful microbes. To make sure no woman gets uneasy during her monthly cycle, we have brought a list of 10 Uterine Tonic Syrups in India that are trusted around the country by women. 

1. Menso Mantra Syrup – Best Herbal Uterine Tonic

MENSO-MANTRA SYP _compressed

Menso mantra syrup is a natural tonic that supports the function of the uterus in a healthy way. There are many befits if you sart using this syrup like correction of cyclical rhythm, normalization of hormonal secretion and relief of bleeding dysfunction. Menso mantra syrup consists of amazing herbal ingredients like manjistha, brahmi, ashoka, lodhra, shatavar, punarnava, trifla, trikatu, giloy, babool, dashmool, anantmool, and shilajeet, etc. Here are some uses of Menso-mantra uterine tonic syrup-


  • It helps in restoring of vaginal ph to normal.
  • It prevents cramps and menstrual abnormalities.
  • It helps in normalizing ovary functioning.


2. Sachi Saheli Tonic Syrup 

Sachi sahali tonic syrup helps in maintaining women’s overall health, it removes toxins from the body and provides inner strength on tough mensuration days. Young women can use this useful tonic if they have dysmenorrhea and leucorrhea. Our natural ingredients in sachi saheli syrup have dashmula, vitis vinifera, asparagus racemosus, cinnamomum tamala, embelia ribes, and sida cordifolia, rubia cordifolia, cuminum cyminum, cinnamomum zeylanicum, santalum album, piper longum and nigrum, and trachyspermum ammi.

Here are some uses of sachi saheli tonic syrup-


  • It helps in maintaining your metabolism and lack of appetite.
  • It gives relief from pelvic pain, irritation, mood swings, and other issues.
  • It rectifies irregular periods in every age group of women.


3. Himalaya Evecare Syrup

Himalaya Evecare syrup is used to cure many premenstrual syndromes, there are no harmful chemicals, heavy metals, artificial fragrances, or added synthetics in this tonic. It effectively restores the inner lining of the uterus during menstruation. The top quality herbs in our amazing uterine tonic syrup are ashoka, dashamoola, lodhra, guduchi, kakamachi, punarnava, shatavari, coconut, and ghrita kumari.

Here are some uses of Himalaya evecare tonic syrup:

  • It regulates the period cycle.
  • It treats dysfunctional uterine bleeding during mensuration.
  • It reduces symptoms of pms in women.


4. Dabur Dashmularishta syrup

Dabur dashmularishta syrup keeps up the nutritional level in the body of women post-delivery.  It speeds the recovery process and also helps improve their metabolism and digestion, this helps women prepare physically. The highly effective range of herbs in this syrup is bilva root, agnimantha root, shynaka root, patala root, kashmari/gambhari root, brihati root, kantakari root, shalaparni root, prishnaparni root, and gokshura root.

Here are some uses of Dabur dashmularishta tonic syrup-

  • It improves physical strength and reduces weakness and fatigue in women.
  • It can enhance skin health and a natural glow.
  • Helps for recuperation from weakness after pregnancy.


5. Baidyanath Dashmularishta Tonic Syrup

Baidyanath dashmularishta tonic syrup strengthens post-natal women and helps the uterus to regain normal size and shape. The herbal mixture of ingredients in this tonic is safe to use and it enhances immunity because it has draksha, amalaki, chitraka, duralabha, bilva, jaggery, and self generate alcohol.

Here are some uses of baidyanath dashmularishta tonic syrup-

  • It helps reduce cervix inflammation.
  • It treats various urinary and sexual disorders.
  • This syrup manages pcos.


6. Gynical Uterine Tonic

Gynical uterine tonic can give all relief from many gynaecological problems caused in women like debilitating pain and fertility problems. This multi-beneficial tonic has the composition of ashoka janosia, abroma augusta, aletris farinose, caulophyllum, hydrastis can., pulsatilla, viburnum opulus, magnesium phosphorica., nux vomica, helonias dioica, and mercurius solubilis.

Here are some uses of gynical uterinetonic syrup:

  • It is useful for relieving pain in the lower abdomen or back.
  • It can be used with boiled milk as a remedy for menstrual disorders.
  • It is very helpful in providing relief from urinating difficulties.


7. E-uterus syrup

E-uterus syrup is very helpful for endometrial and uterine inflammations. This tonic helps de-infect the uterus post-parturition caused due to the presence of placental debris. The raw materials we use for women’s better health with this tonic syrup consist of arnica Montana, calendula Officinalis, and Calcarea sulphuric.

Here are some uses of E-uterus tonic syrup-

  • It treats the problems like catarrhal discharges, pus, and creamy discharges.
  • It promotes fertility in the cattle by recovering the underlying causes.
  • It is used in very helpful in restoring milk yield in women.


8. Herbal Dharaka Uterine Tonic Syrup

Herbal dharaka uterine tonic syrup is very useful for women with irregular mensuration problems. It is a healthy mixture of uterine tonic syrup for girls, ladies, and women especially given when they experience abdominal cramps, nausea, or irregular flow of mensuration. Pure herbs we use in this tonic syrup have ashok chall, ashwagandha, lodh, Shatavari, arjun chall, amla, rasaunt, dashmool, vadarikand, ajwain, bhel, and saunf kuth.

Here are some uses of herbal dharaka uterine tonic syrup:

  • It helps with post-mensuration cramps.
  • It cures giddiness.
  • It is used in the treatment of amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea.


9. Utrosol Tonic Syrup

Utrosol tonic syrup provides aid for almost every type of problem caused by women during their menstruation cycle. Because this uterine tonic has herbal ingredients like punarnava, satavari, gheekuanr, daruhaldi, safed musli, anantmool, ashoka, adusa, majitha, semar, lodh, giloy, makoy, motha, shankhapushpi, ashwagandha, and dasmoola.

Here are some uses of Utrosol tonic syrup:

  • A menstrual disorder like menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea, and oligomenorrhoea is treated with the help of this syrup.
  • It also treats pms disorder.
  • It restores a healthy hormonal balance.


10. Namyaa Anartava Syrup

Namyaa anartava tonic syrup is used by many females to restore the natural menstrual cycle. This uterine tonic removes toxins from our bodies and helps provide blood purification. It does not contain any type of any kind of additives with herbs like aloe vera, pippali, karanja, krishna-tila, kultha, motha, ulatkambal, gular, lodhra, lal chandan, and daru haldi.

Here are some uses of namyaa anartava tonic syrup:

  • It can cure amenorrhea caused in women.
  • It balances hormones and prompts timely ovulation.
  • It balances Vata and Kapha of the body.



The above-mentioned products are very safe to use for women during mensuration and are reliable. The uterine tonic syrup range of Swisschem Healthcare has a powerful herbal formulation that normalizes monthly cycles in females. Now you know the beneficial use of these tonics so hurry now and check out all deals we offer for your health and business.