What Is The Medicine Wholesale Business Profit Margin In India?

What Is The Medicine Wholesale Business Profit Margin In India? – Before sticking to work in the pharmaceutical field, entrepreneurs and volunteers wonder about the profit margin of the medicine wholesale business. Business is a financial aspect for all, businesses want to earn every little investment they provide. The pharmaceutical industry has seen tremendous growth economically and profitably over a few decades.

The Pharma sector poses golden opportunities fundamentally and financially for customers, suppliers, and distributors. There is a significant profit margin recognized in this field with the growing need for healthcare facilities and sophisticated products. It is important to look at various factors in a specific industry before deciding to start a business or run a business in any field. The Pharma sector experiences enormous growth and return per every investment, however, the wholesale field might comprise a different structure to consider profits.

What is a Wholesale Business?

A wholesale business is where an organization supplies certain products in bulk to retailers and merchants for further sale, either directly or through a middleman. Wholesalers are classified into different departments and fields and buy and distribute in their respective fields.

Different types of wholesalers-

  • Merchant Distributors
  • General Distributors
  • Specialty Distributors
  • Discount Distributors
  • Drop-ship Distributors

Wholesale Business Profit Margin in India-

Usually, the profit margin for wholesalers is 15-30%. However, it depends on what kind of wholesale business a person/entrepreneur handles.

This margin depends on the techniques used by wholesalers. It also depends on the product type and techniques used for supplying such as physical distribution, online distribution, sales and marketing efforts performed by the distributors/wholesalers.

What does the Medicine Wholesale Business mean?

Medicine wholesale business works by supplying pharmaceutical products in bulk to licensed individuals who can, sell or stock those products. Medicine wholesalers purchase medicines directly from manufacturers and sell them to retailers and pharma businesses (chemists, pharmacies, etc).

The distribution of pharmaceutical products is completely performed under drug and cosmetic rules and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of medicines and medicinal tools.

Types of Pharma Wholesale-

  • Full-line wholesalers
  • Short-line wholesalers
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics and others

Full-line wholesalers buy the full-stock availability of a manufacturing company. If conducted under a contract, then it follows the inclusion of only certain drugs.

Then there are other types of wholesalers running specific departments and supplying a certain range under their professional qualifications.

Pharma Wholesale can be classified into different segments dependent upon the distributor and product type-


  1. Branded/ Licensed Pharma Product Distributors
  2. Medical devices and Surgical tools Distributors
  3. Sophisticated Drugs Distributors
  4. Propaganda Cum Distribution (PCD)
  5. Other distributors type


  1. Prescription drugs wholesalers
  2. OTC products wholesalers
  3. Anti-biotics, anti-septics, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-virals, and analgesics.
  4. Gynecology medicines, dermatologic medicines, ophthalmic range of medicines, and neuropsychiatric range.

 Profit Margin of a Pharma Company-

Profit Margin for pharmaceutical firms is around 18-22% in the market. However, the profit margin for pharma companies also varies from company to company depending upon a few factors including-

  • Brand value and brand recognition
  • Ethical and unethical practices of the company
  • Branded and non-branded products
  • Generic medicines
  • OTC products
  • Status and Standard of the company
  • Fundamental connections in the pharmaceutical industry

How does Pharma Wholesale Business work with the involvement of Distributors?

Wholesalers buy products in bulk from manufacturers at a set price that is, a 30 days or 60 days advance mode of payment. And then later, wholesalers transport those products further to pharmacies, chemists, companies, and all retail outlets in a sufficient amount and on time.

Medicine wholesalers hold the prime responsibility in terms of inventory. They supply products and pay the companies timely regardless of when they get their share back from the market.

Wholesalers are the constructive departments of every business accommodation, and the providers in the pharma sector meet the daily needs of retailers and customers.

Profit Margin of Medicine Wholesalers-

Wholesalers typically make money by buying pharmaceutical products at a low price and selling them for a profit to retailers, pharmacies, chemists, small-scale businesses, and other retail outlets.

Medicine wholesalers make about 8% to 12% of profit through the wholesaling of branded medicines. And about 10% to 20% percent of profit through generic medicines.

It also depends on companies. Some companies follow customer satisfaction as their priority and offer a decent amount of profit to distributor channel partners.

Other companies are selective about conservation and share a small amount of profit.

However, wholesalers are not obliged to work under only one brand/company of products or supply only a certain range of products. Wholesalers have the opportunity to buy and distribute from different ranges and departments.

Retailers have a greater profit than wholesalers in the pharmaceutical field. Wholesalers sometimes have to appoint other distributors to supply sufficient and on-time delivery of products.


Medicine wholesalers are the branch of pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical providers. They fulfill the requirements of pharmacies, chemists, hospitals, clinics, and small-scale businesses. And ensure the standard of products and customer satisfaction.

However, wholesalers do not return with much credit for being the industry’s reliable trustee. But, since the wholesalers are not bound to work in only one specific field, having special requirements, distributors can expand to more than one company and strategize profit.