Top Derma Products to Treat Scabies in India

Top Derma Products to Treat Scabies in India – Scabies is a common skin issue that can happen in any part of the body. With the development of new treatment strategies and anti-ectoparasitic drugs, its treatment has progressed. Amongst the long list of treatments, the most common anti-parasitic medicines used for treating the condition include Ivermectin and Permethrin. In this blog, we have brought you the Top Derma Products to Treat Scabies in India which can help in clearing the infection and help you get your healthy skin back. 

Top Derma Products to Treat Scabies in India

Best Anti-Parasitic Medicines for Scabies Treatment

The scabies rash is extremely itchy, and the itching intensifies at night. It may appear on the neck, face, head, hands, and bottoms of the feet in an infant, an older person, or someone with a weakened immune system. Although some people prefer over-the-counter medications, it is preferable to follow your doctor’s instructions. Choose the best product from this list of Top Derma Products to Treat Scabies in India.

1. Iverchem Tablets – Best Oral Medication for Scabies

Ivermectin Tablets

Composition: Ivermectin Tablets USP 12mg

 Ivermectin is an FDA-approved anthelmintic for treating parasitic infections in humans, such as parasitic worms, hookworm, and whipworm. The tablet works by adhering to the parasite’s insides. It either paralyses and kills the parasite or prevents adult parasites from producing larvae for some time. In the case of strongyloidiasis, the tablet completely eradicates the infection by killing the parasites present in the intestine. It can only control the infection in the case of onchocerciasis because it kills the developing worms but not the adult worms.

  • Clinically tested
  • Have no side effects
  • Provides quick relief

2. Scabichem Anti-Parasitic Soap


Composition: Permethrin 1% w/w soap 75gm

 Scabichem Soap belongs to the pyrethroid family of chemicals. It’s an antiparasite medication that’s used to treat infections brought on by eggs, lice, or mites. It’s most commonly used to treat pediculosis and scabies. Before applying the soap, keep the infected area clean. It emits chemicals known as pyrethrins, which affect the nervous system.

  • Inactivates the nerve membrane 
  • Paralyzes the insects
  • Kills the nits and eggs of the insect

3. Scabichem -Anti-Itch and Pediculosis Lotion


Composition: Permethrin 5% W/W Lotion 50ML

 Scabichem Lotion is a parasite treatment that is used to treat scabies, a skin infection caused by tiny insects that infest and irritate the skin. The insects (mites) and their eggs are killed by this medicine. Often, one application is sufficient to completely treat the condition, but a second application may be required a week later. This will eliminate the itching, swelling, and redness that mites cause. Dead mites, on the other hand, may continue to itch for some time.

4. Scabichem – Scabies Treatment Cream


Composition: Permethrin 5% W/W Cream 30GM

 Scabichem belongs to the Scabicidal Agents; Topical Pediculicides class of drugs. It is a prescription medication used to treat Scabies, head lice, and nit symptoms (eggs). It aids in the treatment of lice, ticks, fleas, and mite infestations on the scalp and skin. The cream is intended to be used only once and is suitable for people of all ages.

5. Scaboma Lotion for Parasitic Infection

Scaboma Lotion

Composition: Lindane (1% w/v) Lotion

Scaboma Lotion is a parasite preventative. It’s used to treat scabies, a skin infection caused by tiny insects that infest and irritate the skin. It kills the mites as well as their eggs. The lotion is only for external use, and gloves should always be worn when applying it to another person. Mites cause itching, swelling, and redness, which can be relieved by using this lotion. Dead mites, on the other hand, may continue to itch for some time.

6. Dabur Gandhak Rasayan – Ayurvedic Medicine for Scabies

dabur gandhak rasayan

Composition: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Tejpat, Giloy, Haritaki, Amla, Ginger, Etc. 

Dabur Gandhak Rasayan is used to treat ringworm, scabies, itching, and other fungal infections on the skin. It’s a herbal medicine that’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral. Gandhak rasayan is prepared using a variety of herbal juices as the main ingredient. It is an antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial ayurvedic medicine with a wide range of applications. The tablets carry the following properties:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antiviral
  • Demulcent
  • Antipruritics
  • Anthelmintic
  • Aphrodisiac, etc.

7. Scabelice Lotion for Scabies on Scalp Treatment

Scabelice Lotion

Composition: Lindane (1% w/v) + Cetrimide (0.1% w/v) Lotion

Scabelice Lotion is a scabies treatment that combines several medications. It kills the microscopic insects (mites) as well as their eggs. It alleviates itchiness, swelling, and redness. Scabelice Lotion also aids in the killing of head lice and their eggs, providing relief from lice-related itching and irritation. It works by killing the scabies-causing microorganisms. It also can paralyse and kill lice and their eggs.


The products mentioned above are all dermatologically tested and are widely recommended by the best doctors across the nation. Because they are formulated under strict guidance, all these products are highly safe to use and have no side effects. Check out the products to know more.